Christ Sophia Inclusive Catholic Community of Louisville

(Association of Roman Catholic Women Priests)

Rev. Mary Sue Barnett

General Member

"The faith community at which I pastor, preside and preach is called Christ Sophia Inclusive Catholic Community"

Priest: Rev. Mary Sue Barnett, ARCWP

Established: 2013

Services:  My faith community is part of an international women's ordination movement that works for transformation of theologies and religious practices that oppress and marginalize people. We stand as allies and friends of LGBTQ sisters and brothers in a spirit of our shared humanity. It is important that Louisville knows that Catholic Women priests and deacons are here and are in solidarity for marriage equality.

Contact: Rev. Mary Sue Barnett

Phone: (502) 296-8653



Emily Foerster Coleman

General Member

“Ceremonies that celebrate the fundamental essence of your unique partnership.”

 Owner: Emily Foerster Coleman

Established: 2016

Services: Every relationship has “finger print,” but I feel that so many officiants don’t uncover each couple’s uniqueness thoroughly enough and allow it to shape the ceremony.  Asking a friend to officiate can help with this (and you should ask them!) but not everyone is skilled at crafting and delivering a ceremony that is so important to you and your families. I want your guests to truly know you (and your partnership) so they can love and support you both better throughout your lives. 

I will spend a lot of time with you before your ceremony, getting to know you both on a personal level, and letting you get to know me. I will write a custom ceremony, as long or short as you want it, as spiritual or atheistic as is important to you, that is completely personal.  I guarantee that your ceremony will stand out in the minds of your guests as one that was so perfectly “you.”

Member Statement: “There is a long road ahead to true acceptance of LGBTQ folks in this country, and especially in the South. Empathy is at the root of social change. I want to be a force that helps celebrate you while leading your diverse families and communities in how to truly honor your love by seeing themselves in you.”

Contact: Emily Foerster Coleman

Phone: (502) 494-7903




Jacque Saltsman

General Member

“Celebrations of Love, tailored for YOU!”

Owners: Jacque Saltsman

Established: 2011

Services: I am available to officiate weddings, celebrations of births and transitions, or to write a simple prayer or blessing for any event. My involvement depends on your needs. I can create the entire ceremony myself using ideas and preferences I get from meeting and getting to know the clients. I can also be handed instructions the day-of and just show up to do my part. It’s up to you. I am happy to work with you, in whatever capacity, to create the most memorable and authentic experience that truly reflects who you are.

Member Statement: “Love is love and I want every single person to know they deserve it. Weddings and special events can be very stressful. Worrying about being judged for who you are or who you love should never be part of that stress. I want all people to feel loved and free to be exactly who they are and to be able to celebrate that love however they want.”

Contact: Jacque Saltsman

Phone: (312) 498-6790



Jessica Morgan

General Member 

“Your perfect day, your way”

 Owner: Jessica Morgan 

Established: 2010

Services: Jessica officiates non-denominational, personalized and unique weddings, and has done so since 2010. She offers a full service, including advance meetings, ceremony development, vow and unity ceremony development, and the facilitation of your rehearsal and ceremony. She also tailors to your needs, and can develop and facilitate anything that suits your style and relationship. Jessica brings the experience of creating and leading over thirty ceremonies throughout Central Kentucky- of all sizes, backgrounds and styles. 

Member Statement: “Officiating weddings for friends new and old has been an unexpected and eye opening journey for me- I am so honored when I have the opportunity to participate in such a momentous moment as the wedding of two people in love."

Contact: Jessica Morgan 

Phone: (502) 418-8828


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