4 Reasons Why You Should Join FEVA!

1.     We provide support for an underserved part of our community, who despite anti- discrimination laws and marriage equality, are still subject to discriminatory attitudes.

2.     We are the first business league/wedding alliance in the US that’s non-profit and strictly focused on advocacy by uniting as a group of wedding vendors for fairness, connecting with the LGBTQ community through events and the online directory, and providing local training opportunities in LGBTQ competency for our members.

3.    We support and encourage the growth of the valuable LGBTQ wedding market and in doing so, enhance our local economy. In October 2015, we hosted the FIRST inclusive wedding show in the state specifically for LGBTQ guests and allies.

4.     We are innovators within our industry and our city, equipped with a model that can be implemented in underrepresented cities throughout the country, beginning in Kentucky. 


2017 Membership ($50 annual fee)

Membership includes the following...

A profile on our website including a photo shoot, brief description of your business, a member statement and links to your website and social media

The use of our logo on your company’s promotional materials and/or website to signify your status as a member and an ally

Access to workshops designed specifically to educate vendors how best to serve the LGBT community and professional networking opportunities


Criteria for Involvement

·       Provide a service in the wedding industry

·       Fair and equal treatment of your clients and colleagues

·       In business for at least 1 year w/ references

·       Professional behavior and quality service

·       Participation in at least one meeting annually

·       Support at least one FEVA™ fundraiser annually


Please contact Heather Yenawine (FEVA Director) at to begin the process!