Block Party Handmade Boutique

General Member

Owner: Mary Levinsky

Established: 2013

Services: With our large network of local professional artists and makers, we can help you create a beautiful wedding with handmade wedding favors, décor, calligraphy, jewelry, gifts, anything you need for a fun and special event!

I also make one-of-a-kind masks that can be used to create artistic wedding and engagement photos.

 Member Statement: “I want the LGBT community to know that my business believes in equality and fairness for everyone.  By connecting with FEVA it’s a way to show our support for equal rights and create a better community in Louisville.”

Contact: Mary Levinsky

Phone: (502) 589-1133



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Founding Member

Unique Gifts/Original Art 

Owners: Laura Applegate, Jon Freels, JD Dotson

Established: 2002 

Services: Regalo has the best collection of unique, fun, great priced gifts for everyone.  We specialize in local, regional and national handcrafted products as well as things we find that tickle our funny bone or touch our hearts.

Member Statement: “Regalo has always believed that Love is Love, have been members of the LBGT Community and overwhelmed by the support we have gotten over the past 13 years in business.  We are always ready to jump back in and give back to our diverse and loving community.

Contact: JD Dotson

Phone: (502) 583-1798       



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