Frozen De'Lites

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Frozen De’Lites - Frozen Fun for all occasions!

Owner: Michelle Edrington

Established: 2005

Services: Frozen De’Lites rents industrial size frozen drink machines for all occasions. Rentals include delivery, setup, mix, cups, straws, pickup and cleanup. Alcohol is optional; we carry over 25 flavors and can do custom flavors. Frozen De’Lites is frozen fun for all occasions.

Member Statement: “What better way to bring people together than by having a party. And when you add a frozen drink machine the parties just get better.  Everyone loves slushies, no discrimination there! So by getting involved with FEVA, I can share my business with the LGBT community and not only promote my business, but help promote the efforts of FEVA and the LGBT community. Frozen De’Lites is Frozen Fun for everyone!”

Contact: Michelle Edrington

Phone: (502) 664-3085



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